Media Design 

My background is strong in many areas of design; although specializing in music and sound, I have experience in lighting, projections, and media design.


This video was created in 2012 for CLEAN, an Illinois-based not-for-profit organization. It features original music and video content created using Adobe After Effects.

Laser Harp

“The Laser Harp was a large-scale audio/visual experience, built from the ground up by extraordinary technologists representing Illinois State University in 2009. The hardware was skillfully crafted specifically for the performance, including 8 custom built lasers that triggered MIDI signals when the beam was broken. The laser harp included a custom built 36-channel video mixer, with visual effects and a cross-fader mapped to Ohm controller. Equipment included the 8 MIDI lasers, customized touch screen controller, keyboard, MIDI drum kit & guitar, wind instrument and microphone. We utilized the audio performance software Ableton Live, as well as a multichannel video mixer, to create a highly flexible environment that allowed improvisational freedom. This offered the artists and visual engineers the ability to build a fluid and seamless harmony of live electronic music and incredible projection-mapped visuals.” – edited from Mike Nubie


My role was sound and media design consultant to Bryan Reynolds’s Fractalicious!, performed at the University of California, Irvine. Fractalicious! was on tour in a number of different venues during 2013, and is still presently being produced.


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