After Troy


Direction: Mihai Maniutiu

Sound Design: Patricia Cardona 

Composition: Mark Caspary

Scenic Design: Robin Darling

Costume Design: Gwyneth Conaway Bennison

Lighting Design: Stacy Mcaney





After Troy was created and directed by renowned Romanian Director Mihai Maniutiu, at the Claire Trevor Theater at UCI.  The piece is based on the Euripides tragedy. Hecuba examines the destruction and degradation of Trojan women after the ten year Trojan War. Maniutiu explores the painful emotions surrounding war and the reality of our own world’s intimacy with violence in this post-apocalyptic piece. 


There were seven songs described in the text that were composed based on sound palettes the sound designer gave to me. The rest of the underscore was developed as the play was created in the rehearsal room with close collaboration between the director and sound designer. Some vocals were recoded, some were performed live, and some were supported with backing tracks. 


My Role:

Better For Her to Die

Better For Her to Die - After Troy
00:00 / 00:00

This song is sung/rapped by the Trojan soldiers as they threaten that it is better to let Hecuba’s daughter, Palixana, die as a sacrifice than to have her live in the terrible destruction of Troy.

Final Masters of Troy

Final Masters of Troy - After Troy
00:00 / 00:00

This is the Final song recapitulating the theme sung/chanted by the Trojan soldiers. In this version they convey the grandeur and power they possess. 

Final Moments of the Play 

Ending Ritual - After Troy
00:00 / 00:00

During the final moments of the play, Hecuba performs a ritual with her dead children that transcends the plain of reality into the world of the dead as ash from the nearby volcanoes falls upon them.

Action Underscore

Action Underscore - After Troy
00:00 / 00:00

This music serves as a counterpoint to the violent action on stage as the women of Troy are harassed and abused by the invading soldiers.

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Photo Credits: Paul Kennedy, Pete Guither, Sky Schmidt,​Debora Robinson